Lockdown Madness!

Thank you as always for taking an interest in my business. So here we are at blog post number 2!

It was a very strange time to be starting up a business during a global pandemic. So many businesses were sadly having to close and make staff members redundant so all I kept thinking was am I absolutely crazy? I can say for sure people questioned my decisions especially as I had a secure job but we all have to start somewhere... and why not right at the bottom things can only go up from here.

I had all my plans shattered straight from the off as I dreamt of starting up a wedding and event floristry business and you can guess how well that started off... over night all my plans were literally shattered. I had to very quickly rethink my ideas and set up a new business plan which led me naturally into the retail gift side of floristry. I never really had a dislike for gift flower bouquets as such but more a lack of experience and over time I have definitely learnt to love it and find and create my own style and designs and place within this side of the florist world locally here in Plymouth.

The thing I enjoy the most about gift bouquets is definitely the joy that it brings the recipients and reading the lovely messages on the cards for the orders that go out. Even though I work alone here at SGFD at the moment I feel like I am part of one giant family with all my suppliers/customers it's such a personal thing to be involved in providing flowers for such special occasions I am so blessed and grateful for this.

I started to offer sympathy/funeral designs this again wasn't really something I had given a lot of thought to but something that obviously comes naturally with being a florist. Every single arrangement I make, makes me truly sad deep down inside but at the same time honoured to be given the opportunity. I think of the family and deceased whilst I am making the arrangement and literally for the whole day of the service. This is an element that has been so difficult for everybody involved during lockdown how awful to not be able to celebrate the life of a loved one as they deserve. The funeral directors that I have dealt with over these strange times have really done everything they can to make this situation the very best they can for everybody involved and deserve some recognition.

Now not only was my chosen product a challenge during the first lockdown I was also faced with the massive issue of no fresh flower deliveries into the UK. You might have seen the sad and devastating news over in the Dutch flower auctions literally binning the fresh flowers as the world quickly grinded to a halt. This is still having an impact on the flower markets today with prices of fresh flowers being extremely high but hey that's enough of the boring sad stuff.

We finally look to be slowly coming out the other side now which is amazing news. I have so many exciting plans for this coming year. Now that restrictions are lifting this means that I can bring back wedding consultations in person and not over Zoom which I am not a fan of to be honest, offer collections from my studio and so much more. One thing that will be strange is being able to actually hand people gift bouquets and not have a face mask on it sounds silly but for the whole time I have had my business I have had to do this so will be odd without it.

Thank you for reading. stay safe. Sarah x


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